Improve your Job Search Communication and Secure More Offers

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Land a great job in 15 weeks or less!

This course prepares international students to improve oral and written job search communications to secure more offers and skyrocket their careers.

It is critically important that you communicate effectively throughout your job search process.

From conveying your value to building your resume and acing your job interview, your confidence and ability to communicate will determine whether you land your dream job or get rejected.

We created 5 Orbits with actionable tips and clear explanations that will help you turn your job search intimidation into a fun journey of self-discovery and strategy towards a rewarding career in your new home country.

Note: Find a workbook with exercises at the end of the course, that you can resort to in order to apply the knowledge you've acquired. Print it out if you can and engage with it as you move through the content in each Orbit.

Orbit 1: 5 Steps to Build a Successful Career

You will learn about informational interviews and how to get insights to break into your industry while overcoming the 3 main challenges that prevent international students from landing jobs.

Step 1: Informational Interviews

Step 2: Overcoming the 3 Cs

Step 3: Manage Rejections

Step 4: Make your Mental Health your Top Priority

Step 5: Focus on what you can Control

Orbit 2: Putting Work into Networking

You will learn how to become culturally fluent and take your networking game to the next level by building and cultivating relationships with folks who will expedite your job prospects.

Part 1: Relationship Building

Part 2: Engagement

Bonus 1: LinkedIn Demo

Part 3: Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Part 4: Intentional Networking

Part 5: The Human Touch

Orbit 3: Impactful Resumes

You will dive into written communications and learn how to write concise resumes that focus on accomplishments and concrete results that entice the reader to invite you to a job interview.

Part 1: Incorporating your Top 5

Part 2: Nurturing your Resume

Bonus 2: Resume Handout

Part 3: Accomplishment Statements

Bonus 3: Creative Resumes

Bonus 4: Cover Letters

Orbit 4: Ace all your Job Interviews

You will learn how to confidently position yourself as the strongest candidate for the roles you are applying and enjoying the conversations you have with your prospective employer.

Part 1: The Purpose

Part 2: Boost your Confidence

Part 3: Preparation

Part 4: The Questions

Bonus 5: Elevator Pitch

Part 5: Behavioural Type Questions

Part 6: Your Questions for the Interviewer

Orbit 5: Intentional Job Search

You will learn how to debunk the myth that the process is tedious and hard, and how to conduct job search that is strategic, effective, and good to your mental health.

Part 1: Job Search is Easy

Part 2: The Job Search & Mental Health connection

Part 3: Building Resilience

Part 4: Aim for the Good Stuff

Part 5: Job Search Framework

Many thanks for your trust. We look forward to working with you!


Who is this course for?

International students preparing to move to their new home countries, international students who feel lost in their career and the job search, students stuck in survival jobs, new grads who are struggling to land jobs in their field.

Why should I listen to you? Who are you?

Because I've been turning international students into confident go-getters from all walks of life and backgrounds propel their careers for 10+ years.

My success rate is 90%+ and my students land jobs at companies like Scotiabank, RBC, TD Canada Trust, CIBC, Canadian Tire, Shopify, Mercedes Benz, Intel, Microsoft, Softchoice, Accenture, WestJet, Prada, Leia, Marriott, Thermo Fisher, and Google.

I was an international student myself so I know what it's like to be in your shoes - I will give you a perspective that empowers you to stand out!

What does the course include?

  • 30+ videos
  • 5 bonus videos with demos on LinkedIn, Creative Resumes, Cover Letters, and the Elevator Pitch.
  • A workbook with exercises to apply your learning, templates, and free career resources

How should I use this course?

This is a self-paced course that you can take at your best convenience from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. Take one Orbit at a time, and try your best to engage in the exercises before moving to the next Orbit.

Why should I get this course?

Because 90%+ of our students land jobs aligned with their vision in 15 weeks or less!

Do I have to come from a specific professional/life background to benefit from it?

No, students from all professional fields will benefit from the content.

See you inside!

I want this!

30+ videos, plus a workbook with exercises to apply your learning, templates, and free career resources.


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Improve your Job Search Communication and Secure More Offers

2 ratings
I want this!